My wife complained of painful rhagades (fissures) on her nipples. Using a nipple shield while breastfeeding did bring a certain amount of relief, but the rhagades still did not heal.

The attempt to heal the rhagades by topical application of THERESIENÖL proved promising in that a significant reduction of the pain was observed after just 3-4 local applications and healing of the fissures was seen in the following days (regular application approximately 4-5 times a day). The local application took place immediately after breastfeeding by applying THERESIENÖL locally to the nipples. Before bringing the infant to the breast, the nipples were cleaned with camomile tea to avoid the risk of direct contact with the oral mucosa of the infant (at this time, neither undesirable nor desirable effects on infants are known).

Because rhagades are also a potential entry point for pathogens, the development of mastitis is a not uncommon after-effect. In my wife’s case, no inflammation developed. However, if mastitis is suspected or present, a doctor must absolutely be consulted. In summary, my wife’s experiences with local application of THERESIENÖL for painful rhagades were very positive.

**All details about this incident were confirmed by Theresienöl Europe and evaluated as absolutely correct, accurately reported, verifiable and truthful.

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