Help with Diverse Skin Problems

I hereby confirm that I have worked with Theresienöl for many years in my role as a physical therapist.

Both in my personal experience (within my family) and in applications on patients, I can confirm a positive effect of the oil for supplementary care
for the following diagnoses and problems:
– Significant relaxation of neurodermatitis
– Optimal complementary care with heavy scarring
– Ideal scar care
– Faster reassurance in open areas of skin
– Significantly faster reduction of haematomas (in combination with lymphatic drainage)
– Reduction of swellings and oedemas (in combination with lymphatic drainage)
– Fast reassurance and significant relief after burns
– Best care of mucous membrane irritation in the mouth and nose area

Kufstein, 13 March 2013
Kufstein Regional Hospital / Physiotherapy

**All details about this incident were confirmed by Theresienöl Europe and evaluated as absolutely correct, accurately reported, verifiable and truthful.

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