All Good Things Come From Above

On 29 January 2013, I, Ingo B., climbed a ladder to clear snow from my house because the thaw and light rain had forced water into the house.
I hastily climbed the ladder without waiting for the workmen, who had already been notified. With the third shovel full of snow, I fell off together with the shovel.

I was quite lucky under the circumstances. I fell on my back in the lilac bush and didn’t suffer any further injuries. My thigh struck the tubular metal garden fence. My well-trained thigh prevented the thigh bone from breaking, but the impact against the iron tube left significant marks, which became increasingly visible as the days went by.

By applying Theresienöl, I was able to make the really large haematoma recede quickly, and the pain was also negligible. It is also a fact that the use of Theresienöl completely prevented the discolouration into green, brown and yellow tones that is otherwise typical of such injuries.

The haematoma receded so quickly that I was able to do initial light exercise on a cross-trainer just 7 days after the accident, and 2 days later I played a full round of golf. In closing, my recommendation: Everyone should keep this oil on hand in their home because anything can happen suddenly, and the appropriate treatment may be needed just as suddenly.

**All details about this incident were confirmed by Theresienöl Europe and evaluated as absolutely correct, accurately reported, verifiable and truthful.

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